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Hello my name is Vincent. I’ve been in the design industry since before the commercial internet existed. Yep, that’s right, a million freaking years ago! If you want to increase your creative superpowers, and make better decisions as a graphic designer, then this blog is for you. Take in my free graphic design advice & get your copy of my Free Logo Design eBook. The key to a successful career in graphic design is to never stop learning. If you have any questions, need to get unstuck on a project, or just want to say say hello, your creative junkie is here. Ready to dive in? Let’s do this. Repeat after me: “I’m going to kick creative ass today”.

New Zealand Free Vector Hardcore Textures

These one of a kind Free Vector Textures were created from nature photos from my personal New Zealand photo library. 100% vector, 10.5 ” x 14″, and ready to use in your next design, in print or online.